Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Doctor Visit 7 (Gender Mentioned)

What a wonderful visit this one was!! Mary, our great ultrasound technician, was determined to find out the gender today!! My mother in law was there today, which made it great as well. We proceeded with the ultrasound. At first our child was sleeping and very still. Well we woke it up, and it danced all around and moved for Mary. Well, after about ten minutes, she figured out the gender! Do you want to know? Well read on! Here we go! No more calling it, an it! We are officially having a girl! Something BOTH of us wanted for a long time! Our prayers have been answered! She showed us what to look for, and without a doubt, its a girl! Woo hoo!!!!! One more thing, Mary said the baby looks perfect. The spine is perfect. Head is perfect. We even saw her hands and feet in the ultrasound!

After the ultrasound, we went to see the main doctor. Evans this time. He is so damn cool. He told Kelly things look perfect. Kelly had some slight concerns with the weight loss, but Evans said "your fine!!" and said she will gain some weight very soon! He then put this cool microphone/doppler instrument to Kelly's belly, to hear the baby, and we heard a strong heartbeat!! What a sweet sound it was!! He examined her quickly, and took a look at the ultrasound pics, and said "See ya in four weeks!!" And gave us a clean bill of health!! Awesome stuff!!

So, four weeks from now, we get to video the ultrasound! Thats gonna be awesome! We also get to video the next ultrasound with the high risk doctors!

Her name is officially Olivia Beatrice (Beatrice after Kelly's grandmother).
This Visits Stats:
Age - 13W 5D today
Size - 7cm
Heartbeat - 172bpm
Weight - about the weight of a few quarters
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Test Results

Well we all can breathe a sigh of relief. The down syndrome and triplody (triplody is what our last baby Raelin Grace had, and what caused her to pass away) tests came back negative! So we are in the lowest risk category now for having a down syndrome baby! What wonderful news that is! The doctors also said with the nougal thickness being so great, its yet another indication that things are going great with our baby's development!! We couldnt be happier!! Whew!!! And yes we would still love it, even IF something went/was to go wrong. We are just thrilled to be experiencing all of this!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Doctor Visit 6 (High Risk)

Today was an absolutely wonderful day in the doctors office. Besides the hour and a half wait! We had an appointment at 3:30 and finally got back there at almost 6. But its all good, they are the best high risk pregnancy doctors in Georgia, explains the busy day!

Well we went to the ultrasound room. Spent about a good half hour looking at the baby! Watching it move and dance. Kick its feet, and wave at us. It was truly amazing. The ultrasound tech wanted to get a better picture of the neck development, and our baby was not cooperating! It was feisty. What a sight! Finally, she got a good picture, and was able to measure everything, and it looks perfect! Its getting big!! We find out what it is next week!!

After the wonderful ultrasounds, the real fun began. Sarcasm! They had Kelly give some blood via a finger stick to check the baby for different mental problems/down syndrome, etc. That was an experience! She wouldnt bleed for a long time, so they had to stick her twice. My wife has the best attitude in this! She didnt complain once. Anyway, we get the results back soon. And I am a nervous wreck waiting for those results. And everytime I go into the ultrasound room, I am a nervous wreck. I am always expecting something to be wrong, but thankfully everything turns out okay! I guess thats just the father part of me I have never had the chance to experience! I want a healthy happy baby, as anyone does!

We go back to the high risk doctors in eight weeks. They said to bring a VHS tape, so they can tape the ultrasound. Thats the big one, they measure every organ, finger, toe. Everything!! We have an appointment next week with the regular doctor, so I will post on that one the minute I arrive home!
This Visits Stats:
Age - 11W 5D today
Size - 5cm
Heartbeat - 168bpm
Weight - about the weight of a quarter
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Doctor Visit 5

Time for another update! I am glad to announce, everything looks awesome so far!! We got there at 10:30ish for our 11:00 appointment. Mary (our awesome ultrasound technician) brought us back, with her usual chipper voice "boy am I glad to see you guys today!" We went to the ultrasound room, and Mary wanted to do an external ultrasound to begin with. As soon as she put the instrument on Kelly's abdomen, we saw our little teddy graham! It was BIG this time! It almost took up the whole screen! She pressed slightly on Kellys belly and our baby moved! It wiggled and danced around! It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! She turned on the doppler, and we heard the strong heartbeat. That too, was an amazing experience (as always). She also did an internal ultrasound. When she inserted the probe, we saw the baby instantly, and it moved again. It was feisty today! It was wiggling its arms, legs, butt, head, belly, everything! After all the moving, it was still for just a second to give Mary time to measure it. It is measuring perfectly. She proceeded to explain what we were looking at, in the head region. The baby has the three lines in the skull (to indicate the skull is normal!!) it has a perfectly formed head. The facial features are becoming visible, and are the first bones to develop. She pointed out the hands, yep hands. The arms, legs and big baby belly! Next, she looked in the lower body region and we saw the umbillical cord! Wow! She got the baby to move one more time, and we saw the flicker of the heartbeat. What am amazing experience this is! She told us we will be able to see the sex on the next visit!! After the ultrasound, we saw Arona for a checkup on Kelly. The cervix is tightly closed, and looking outstanding. Stay tuned, next week we go back to the high risk people for the montly checkup!
This Visits Stats:
Age - 10W 3D today
Size - 35mm
Heartbeat - 148bpm
Weight - little more than a paperclip
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