Saturday, September 20, 1997

End Of First Band

Today, was the end of Jonestown Punch. The lead guitarist ended his life at an all too early age, due to relationship problems. We have decided to stop the band as of today, 20th September 1997. I personally, have over 15 auditions in the coming week. People have heard my music and have heard my name thanks to the internet, and public playing. So thats good. I have only been at this for 3 years, and already a musician death has creeped its head into my life. Scary. I will keep a level head throughout my music career because of this, I just hope my bandmates in any future band can understand why I dont want to go get wasted on drugs and booze before a show. Jonestown Punch was created in 1994 by myself and Adam. We recorded one studio LP, with 7 tracks. I will cherish that master tape for the rest of my life. We also shot one live video, that too, goes into the Westbrook Family Archives as of today.