Monday, February 16, 2004

Leaving For Georgia, Day 3

Today at 10AM we crossed into Georgia. It was a great feeling. We are going to be living with my grandmother until my mom finds a house and I get a job. She is looking at places in north Georgia near Athens, so we will see. This is amazing to me, I am finally back home in Georgia. I cried when we crossed the border, because I never thought I would be here. Cheyenne (cat) did well through the entire trip, she didn't even meow or complain once. Wow, this was easy! Off I go to mingle with my family.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Leaving For Georgia, Day 2

Today we got up pretty early to hit the road. We had a hell of a time driving through St. Louis, Kansas City, among other places. It was pretty cool to see the arches, the gateway to the west as they say. I am missing Colorado, which I guess is normal since I spent 24 years of my life there. I am scared of what waits for me in Georgia, as far as a future, career, girls, etc. Gotta love those southern women though! LOL! In any case, we made it in 10 hours, from Topeka, KS to Paducah, KY where it was snowing outside. Cool! Something I might not never see again living in the south. Off to sleep I go, for tomorrow is the final day of this journey to Georgia.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

Leaving For Georgia, Day 1

We got two feet of the white stuff last night, so today was interesting to say the least to get out of Colorado. On top of that my mom had a flat tire in her Jeep, so we had to get 4 new tires, THEN we were able to leave. We made damn good time though. We made it from Denver, to Topeka, KS in 10 hours or so. I already miss beautiful Colorado after driving through this windy state. The furniture guys have lost a lot of our furniture. They better find it!! In any case, stay tuned for day two!