Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Doctor Visit 4

Today was unplanned doctor visit four. We were sopposed to go Friday but Kelly has been having some small side effects of the heparin therapy. Well, today she made an appointment, and saw our primary doctor, Arona. She got there on time at 2 pm, and they said the heparin therapy leaving little bruises and welts is normal to an extent, since the dosage they gave her was a little higher, her body needs time to adjust. Arona mentioned the same thing happened with her, when she was pregnant. They gave Kelly a shot of it while in the office, and no adverse side effects. So things are going okay with that. Onto the ultrasound!

Our baby has made some huge leaps and bounds since we last checked on it! Its at 18mm and feisty! It moved today while they were taking the ultrasound for the first time! And everyone in the room saw it, and jumped for joy. As far as development, most of the organs are visible, even the heart and liver. The brain and head is well defined, as well as the ears!! We have two arms, and two legs so far, lol! The doctors swear its a boy, but we will see. They also said things look wonderful, and they cant wait to see us again on the next visit.
This Visits Stats:
Age - 8W 4D today
Size - 18mm
Heartbeat - 150bpm
Weight - about an ounce
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Monday, June 19, 2006

Doctor Visit 3 (High Risk)

Well, just got back from our first visit with the high risk pregnancy doctors. What friendly people they are in there. And so compassionate. I think I am gonna like going to them with Kelly for the visits, in addition to the regular OB doctor. Anyway, onto the summary of today.

We got there at about 2:50 for our 3:30 appointment. They promptly got Kelly and took her back to get some weights and measures. Left me in the waiting room. Fine, whatever, lol. I picked up the magazine they had on the table, and thumbed through it. It was kinda neat, they had all kinds of home theater goodies in it! It was one of those comsumer electronic magazines. Needless to say, it took my mind off things (nerves wise) for a second. The door opened, and Kelly came out and sat next to me. Summarized to me what happened while I was putting the magazine back on the table. Within five minutes, they came and got both of us, and took us straight to the ultrasound room. They gave Kelly the typical paper robe, and told her to lay down, feet in the stirrups. While I was holding her hand, they inserted the probe, and instantly, we saw the baby as well as the flickering heartbeat! It was measuring 140 beats per minute today. The nurse said everything looked great. We didnt hear the heartbeat though. They informed us that the doppler used to hear the heartbeat, could be damaging to the baby!! So we just saw a visual graph of it beating. Awesome to see, let me tell ya! Anyway, we then went to the exam room. They did a quick exam of Kelly, and said things look great! They prescribed heparin for the entire pregnancy (administered via needle twice a day for 8 months). Thank God she is a nurse and knows how to stick herself correctly. The medication is used to prevent blood clots. The doctor recommended swimming for exercise! So, thats the first thing we did when we got home! Hit the pool!! Then, Kelly made a beautiful dinner, and was prancing around the house, cute as can be, singing "were having a baby!" She is so freakin adorable.

We go back in one month for another visit and ultrasound!! We go back to the main doctor next week. I am a nervous wreck. Our recent loss, was at 8 weeks. This friday is 7 weeks. So we are freakin out, but trying to remain positive.
This Visits Stats:
Age - 7W 3D today
Size - 9mm

Heartbeat - 140bpm
Weight - weight of an eyelash
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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Doctor Visit 2

Well today was doctor visit number two at 2:30. We got there kinda early, and were waiting quite some time, but finally, they called us back. We went straight to the ultrasound room. Kelly hopped up on the table with joy, and the ultrasound tech, Julie, began the procedure. All of a sudden, a huge smile crept across her face, and she said "theres the baby!" Kelly and I were in awe once again. It was a beautiful sight. She said "okay, I am going to turn on the doppler, to hear the heartbeat." Right after she said that, "thump-thump-thump-thump" a beautiful heartbeat! It was about 145 bpm, and it was such a beautiful sound. Its alive! We even saw the heart in the ultrasound, flickering. She finished up the ultrasound, and we waited to see our main doctor.

The main doctor called us back (not Arona, but her physicians assistant). Arona is on vacation, but its all good. Anyway, we got Kelly's weight, and did a typical OB exam in the room. The doctor said "we want to hold onto this baby. So we are sending you to a high risk doctor in addition to us. They have better ultrasounds, and better methods for high risk women." So, we agreed, and though it was a great idea! Finally, we will have the help we always needed!!

They did some labs after that little checkup. They drew 7 viles of blood! They ran every test in the book. From diabetes, to her lupus test. I got queezy watching my wife get "drained" as the nurses called it! I had to sit down!!

We finished up, and on advice from the nurses "take your wife out for a steak dinner, to rebuild her blood count/protein." And I did just that. We had a great meal at our favorite place, O'Charleys, and drove home!

We told Arona the good news, and she was thrilled! So that makes my mom, her mom, her brother, her co-workers and boss the only ones that know!

So thats where we sit today. We find out her beta levels on Friday, and next week we have our first appointment with the high risk doctor, and the week after that, another one with our regular doctor. Hopefully this time it will be Arona.

This Visits Stats:
Age - 6W 5D
Size - 6mm
Heartbeat - 145bpm
Weight - nothing
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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is It Real?

I have to ask this question to myself, my friends, and the Lord above. Is this for real? Kelly and I found out a week or so ago, that we are expecting a baby! We have only told our mothers, her boss, of course her doctor as well. We are so tired of telling everyone that we are expecting, then the baby dies after the last person is told the good news. This has happened seven times now, and its getting very old, and very heartbreaking. So, we have been doing a good job of keeping this a secret for a few weeks. On Kelly's first doctor visit the other day, she went in complaining about high blood pressure. Well, the doctor (who is great, love ya Arona) asked what was stressing her out. She said "keeping this a secret, trying not to jinx it!" The doctor said, "you have to tell people, it will be easier on you, and your stress level will go down." Well, she told her boss/co-workers. And instantly her blood pressure and dizzyness disappeared! We told my mom tonight, and she was thrilled, but agreed to chill on telling the cousins, aunts and uncles till August, when we make the big official announcement to the whole family.

We go back to the doctor on the 16th, and I will post results on here.

And one last thing, we buried Kelly's grandmother (Grand Nanny) in February (those of you who dont know.) She knew all we went through, and before she died she told my mother-in-law, Sara, "I hope they can have a baby one day." Anyway, this baby will be born in February. Gives ya the chills dont it? I think she had something to do about this one. Im even more convinced of the afterlife now.

Thank you God, and everyone who has supported us through these trying times to have a baby. I certainly hope this baby is the one, and we dont lose it. I cant go through that again. I really hope by posting this I am not jinxing anything. I would feel so bad! Anyway, its 100% in Gods hands, and we will see what He wants.