Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fetus Number Five, Gone

Lost another baby. This time, the heart stopped in-utero at eight weeks and one day. We are devistated, and tired of this. More updates later, after I pick my heart up off the floor.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another Great One

Well, well, well. We went in today for another ultrasound. And we saw the 'teddy graham' as they call it. We saw the head, arms, and legs!! It measures about 18 millimeters, and exactly 8 weeks old! The doctors released us to have a normal pregnancy! Wow, after all we have been through to get here, this is truly divine intervention! A Christmas miracle. Its not often you see miracles happen in the everyday world. Anyway, we also heard and saw, the heartbeat!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006


I have some sad news to report. My grandmother was diagnosed with lymphoma (cancer) around Christmas. I didnt post, because it was too difficult. But I am able to now, even though its still a tough one. She has been biopsied and tested over the past few weeks, and this is one update all in one. She has a cancer, that if they do treatment, has a 60% chance of going away. They can cure it. However, it will tear her body up, cause her hair to fall out, cause pain, and other things. Chemotherapy really hurts. She always told me, that if she ever got cancer, she would not do treatment. She didnt want to burden the family, or go through the pain to extend her life by only a year or two. Well, she decided at first to go ahead with treatment. Then, she decided against it, because of the cost. Well, we have the cost figured out (VA). So, now, she is wanting to do the treatment again. The doctors said with treatment, it could extend her life by one year. But the treatment will consist of six months of that year. She wants to be around to see her grandbaby (my child) in this world. I thought that was the most amazing thing in the world. I know, she has a spot in heaven waiting for her, but its just so hard to let her go there.