Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Labor Pains, Again

Doctors were pittifully wrong!! Dammit! Kelly is back in the hospital today, more updates as soon as she is released. The labor pains werent too intense, like the other day, but they are still there. I thought that new test said it wouldnt happen again. HAHA! Right! We are both just frustrated because we dont know what to do, and she is over two months early (if she is born today). Man oh man. Stay tuned!!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Labor Pains

Today was rather interesting. After a glorious Thanksgiving with the family, Kelly wanted to go Christmas shopping! We found some great deals, and finished everyone off early this year. It was great to get in the Christmas crowd, yeah call me weird, but I enjoyed it! I loved seeing all the people, it was quite interesting. We went shopping for about five hours, then came home and begun to finish decorating the house for Christmas. Well Kelly all of a sudden got some sharp pains in her uterus area. She laid down for an hour, with the contractions five minutes apart. She called her doctor, and she said to go ahead and come into the hospital and they will monitor her. Well we left home and got to the hospital. Kelly could hardly walk tha pain was so intense. After about thirty minues we were finally in a room. The nurse put the monitor on the baby and one for Kelly to track the contractions. One nurse mentioned "this looks like the real deal!" And Kelly said "no not yet!! Too early!!" and we all had a little laugh. Anyway, they gave her breathing, some kind of shot to relax the smooth muscles. It worked, and Kelly was a little jittery from it. We were out of the hospital in a few hours, with no more contractions or pain. We got home, and both went to sleep after one hell of a day.

They "said" this wouldnt happen again. They swabber her cervix for some new test. But as everyone knows, nothing is normal for us.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

What a wonderful day today was. It started out early with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on the television. My wife and I sat around in our PJ's and watched bits of it for an hour or so until we really woke up. She had been up since 7AM though, working on the turkey, and the house was smellin real good by 9AM. So about this time I remembered to hang the Christmas lights outside on the house! So I trotted outside, ladder in hand, and begun my yearly Christmas light hanging. It was very interesting though, with these steep roofs here! I get nervous every single time I am up there. So anyway, the lights went up without a hitch, or a fall from the roof. Kelly's family came over for a glorious Thanksgiving day dinner, and the house was full of laughter and photo opportunities. Yep, even though I am off work for the day I still have the urge to snap some photos. Call me obsessed! When everyone left, I started a new Thanksgiving day ritual - "light the house!" Just like they light the tree in Atlanta at Macys, well we will light the lights on the roof as soon as it gets dark on thanksgiving, from now on. Kinda neat to start a tradition! Anyway, other than that, and being tired, thats about all that happened today. It was a beautiful day.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Baby Shower 1

Hello everyone!! I know I have not posted in quite some time, been extremely busy with work, and trying to make a good living for my family, so its been keeping me so busy that I cant even hardly check my email! Anyway, I have finally had time to slow down, and update everyone on blogger.

We had a baby shower today! This was the first one out of four, yep four! We have loving friends and family, as well as a great church family that wants to give us a ton of showers. And we couldnt be more appreciative! Thanks to everyone!!

Anyway, todays shower was good! I couldnt go, I was shunned from going (dont know why men are excluded from these things, but oh well). My mother and I went shopping for the baby, and it was awesome for me and her to spend time together, havent done that in quite a while. She got a few itmes for the baby, and we had fun! I came home to a house full of awesome baby gifts! Thanks again everyone!

We have four showers, as mentioned. One is the friends only. Two is her work. Three is family only. And four is our loving church family.

More updates soon! Thanks to everyone who keeps up with things on here. You guys are the reason I write this (duh!). LOL!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Doctor Visit 13

Today was rather quick in the doctors office!! I guess when things are going well, there is not much to do or say.

Kelly got there a little early today. But they went ahead and saw her. She was in and out in fifteen minutes! Olivia measures right on track, her weight is right on track too. Kelly has not had any other pains, or anything. The only real thing is the tiredness, but thats to be expected when growing a baby inside ya!

Wish I had more to type, but thats it. Rather uneventful, great visit today! No ultrasounds.
This Visits Stats:
Age - 26W 5D today
Size - 16"
Heartbeat - 140 bpm
Weight - 3 pounds
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