Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bio Physical #5

Another one today, this was a good one. We didnt get any ultrasound images however, but everything is fine. Kelly had an elevated blood pressure, but it went back to normal in a short while. Also, Olivia's heartbeat was around 120, which is low, but the docs said it was fine, and normal. More to come soon...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bio Physical #4

Today was rather interesting! A bio physical, complete with my daughter flipping me off! Kinda funny. Pics soon!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hospital Visit

Well, its Christmas, and we just got back from the hospital. We spent the day at Kelly's mothers house, opening presents, and having a great time. Well, she went into labor again, sitting in the chair. We left right away to the hospital. We got there, they put her on the monitor as usual, and everything was fine, as usual. They gave her Brethine, to stop the contractions. We have been to the hospital for this same thing tons of times in the past week, but this time it really got to me. She started shaking, her heart rate went way up, to around 110 BPM. My wife's jaw was quivering, and she was shaking like a leaf. Did I mention shaking? It was terrible to witness, and I was scared as hell. And that was only the first shot. They came back in two more times, to give her three shots in total. By the third one we were both in shambles. I was sitting in the chair, sad to see my wife in so much terrible pain. The contractions stopped, but our child is head down and facing forward, so Kelly is in severe back labor/pain. The contractions might have stopped after an hour, but the back pain was unbelievable. After watching my wife cry for the first time through this whole thing, I broke down. I cant handle seeing my wife in pain, and suffering. I rubbed her back for a while in the hospital. The nurse came in shortly after, and released us. We got home, she took a Lortab, and went to sleep.

Why were we so mad about this event? Her main doctor, told us, and I quote "if you go into labor on or after Christmas, we will keep you in the hospital and deliver your baby as soon as possible." Her secondary doctor was on call last night, who doesn't agree with her main doctor about things. They are always playing tug-o-war, with my wife and I in the middle. So, guess what, he released us last night!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Bio Physical #3

Today was bio physical three. Also today they had to do a gestational diabetes test for Kelly, just to make sure she didnt have it. Well, half way through it, she got very sick, and threw up. So, the test was voided. She has been ery pukey for lack of a better word, for the past few days. They say its normal, but it still makes me very nervous. Anyway, she did have an ultrasound today. I will post a picture as soon as I am able to breathe!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dizzy Visit

Today was an unplanned doctor visit for some dizziness Kelly was feeling all night long, that went into this morning. So, she phoned the doctor, and they told her to be there this afternoon. I was unable to go to the doctor with her, but her mother took her, and from what I hear, things are fine. The doctors said it was a case of vertigo, and it will go away on its own, or they can give her medicine. My wife chose no medicine. They did a quick ultrasound (we got pictures this time, they will be posted shortly). The ultrasound technician, Mary, said "this child has a full head of hair, already!" Which I found to be quite amazing, since I have no hair at all, and my wife has a ton of it. I hope she got her hair line, and not mine! Poor girl will be bald like me, at 28.

On top of all this, the contractions have not stopped, and are actually getting mroe intense and more frequent. In fact, just a few minutes ago, they were four minutes apart. But, the docs say everything is fine. We will see.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Bio Physical #2

Today was planned Bio Physical number two. Everything looked great with Olivia's breathing, and size! Nothing too much to report, other than things look good, and she passed this test today! She was sleeping however, through most of it, which I found to be rather amusing!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hospital Visit

As I sit here in the hospital room with my wife, calmly on the fetal monitor, I keep wondering when our daughter will make her appearance official. This is our fifth visit to the hospital for contractions in about as many days it seems. We are always in here, just to play things safe, ya know? And every single time, they monitor Kelly for a while, then release us on good health, and are told things are normal. Well, tonight they did some extensive testing. First they put Kelly on the fetal monitor. Then they asked the usual questions. They then got a urine sample, took a ton of blood, and hooked her up to IV fluids! It was major. We got here at 11PM, and arent supposed to leave until 7AM, so needless to say we are both tired, frustrated, and ready for this to be over with and be able to hold our daughter. So at 7AM we finally left the hospital. The doctor said things were fine, her cervix was not opening at all, and the contractions were fine. They said she will be fine until Christmas, but we will have to see on that one. They also said if the contractions are closer than four minutes apart, to come back in. At that time, they will administer steroids to develop Olivia's lungs, and then, we will wait some more at the hospital.

Frustrating, happy, beautiful, mad, worried, glad, sad, happy, excited, emotional, complete. Just a few of the emotions that run through you at any one time when you are expecting a child. I would not trade this experience for anything in the world. I am the happiest father on the planet. I just wish my wife didnt have to hurt so much. I keep telling her, it will be over soon! Probably before or around Christmas. I always wanted a Christmas baby. We will see.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Bio Physical #1

Today was planned Bio Physical number one. Stay tuned for details! We also have some ultrasound pictures!