Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Wound Problems

Well another post on Kelly's problematic surgery. The incision burst open today right after I left to go home to sleep for the night. Well, thank God there was a nurse right outside the door, because she lost a lot of blood and was scared to death. They came in, and dressed the wound. The bleeding stopped immeadiately, and they stabilized her. The doctors said the incision burst open because of the infection in it. And that too was the reason for all the pain recently. So, it was a blessing in disguise. The doctor also informed us that he was going to cut the incision open anyway, but it burst on its own, so the healing process should be rapid!

Monday, October 10, 2005


Well Kelly was admitted to the hospital again today. The incision where they removed her tube has gotten infected. She has been in severe pain for a few days now, and the pain today got worse. She was admitted at 11 this morning. They are going to keep her for seven days, and monitor her progress. If the infection gets any worse, there is a faint possibility she could lose the other (good) tube. So we are hoping for the best.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lost The Baby

Well, we have lost our fifth baby, second baby lost due to an ectopic pregnancy (fetus was in the tube). So they went in today and removed the fetus, tube, and ovary on the right side that caused both of these losses. They admitted Kelly to the hospital for four days to recover. The long recovery starts. I am thrilled however, that they removed this problematic tube. The doctors are fertility experts, and they said our chances of a successful pregnancy in the future have almost doubled. And the reason is, the bad tube is gone. We will have to take fertility drugs to get pregnant again, but that too is kind of neat; built in birth control. Kelly and I are thrilled about that. But not about losing all these babies. We arent even worried about trying again for at least a year. Let our spirits heal and most importantly, her body heal. Anyway, just wanted to update everyone. Thanks for all your prayers during this time.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Baby's Breath

Hey everyone!! I am so thrilled to announce that Kelly is pregnant with twins possibly!! We are due June 20 2006.We are excited as can be. Neither of us have been parents, so we are nervous, scared, happy, excited all at once. Its just sheer emotion and happiness in our house. I just hope I will make a good father, and give my children what I never had. I guess time will tell. Just thought I would publically announce our news!