Thursday, September 15, 1994

Junior Year

I am a junior already? Wow! Amazing! As I start my junior year, things are getting more interesting on the career. I am joinging an after school program this year, Careers In Aviation, to hopefully excel my pilot requirements for entry into a flight school. I am also taking less classes this year, since I loaded up on class in my first two years of high school. Not long before graduation. Its great! Smoky Hill class of 1996, here I come!

Thursday, September 08, 1994

First Band

Today I hooked up with Adam Calhoun, in high school math, to start a band. This is my first band, and we will see just how far it takes me. He has a name already, called Jonestown Punch, kinda creepy if you know your history. We are a grunge band, kinda like Nirvana, Green Day, etc. So anyway, we will be practicing in my mothers basement. Should be great. I am nervous though, this is my first band!! The audition/jam went well though this afternoon, and I am thrilled to finally persue my musical interests. There is also another band that wants me to jam with them, called The Bloated Dogs out of Aurora, CO. They are very heavily influenced by the punk scene of the 80's.