Thursday, August 10, 2000

First Professional Gig

I did it, I finally turned "pro" as they say, haha! If you don't know I have been a drummer since I was 3 years old, and trying to turn pro since 1996. Well, I played my first show today in front of a real audience, and it felt amazing! We played at Borders Book Store in Longmont, CO. A nice acoustic set. Tim Carmichael and Jason Setzer were on cue, so was I. Melanie Susuras was rockin on vocals. It was a challenge to learn all 15 songs from their catalog in a week, but it was fun too! Well, guess the only way to go from here, is a continuing step up.

Thursday, August 03, 2000

First Working Band

Today, I got the spot with a working band out of Denver, the Melanie Susuras Band. Its a female fronted acoustic/rock/blues band, ala Indigo Girls. This is going to be great. In less than a week we have a gig. The drummer walked out on them with this gig in the schedule. Not cool. But in any case, I need to learn about 12-15 songs in a week, not a problem at all. I cant wait to play the show! Woo hoo, my first paid gig. I have success now with music. Only took forever! Thank you to Melanie Susuras, Tim Carmichael, and Jason Setzer, for the position.