Tuesday, May 09, 2006

United Methodist Youth

Well here is a report on Kelly and I's first youth meeting at church! Yep, we are heading up the youth, and love it! We have a great group of kids. Today we learned about mentoring, and they had a blast with our activities. Kelly is a wonderful teacher, and she has lots of patience! Which is a good thing! Anyway, just wanted to report that the youth program at our church is going strong. We are planning some trips to Six Flags, Georgia Aquarium, and tons of other places in and around Georgia. Thanks Russell for letting us do this! You are wonderful!!

I am also doing an official website for Princeton UMC. It should be released within a few weeks. Its a huge site with lots of information. I hope the church loves it, and gets tons of use out of it. The official calendar is online and can be viewed here!
The official website can be viewed here!