Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Up close and personal! I will tell you that I have never in my life experienced an event like what happened last night. Once again, violent storms left Alabama and headed right toward us. I guess Georgia is the new tornado alley! In any case, there was one storm I watched go from Rome, GA all the way to the house. It had softball size hail in it, violent wind, and heavy lightning. Olivia, Kelly and I just sat down to eat just before this monster arrived at our doorstep at 70 MPH. I just so happened to turn to watch Olivia, because she was choking on her drink (she is still a little sick from the other day). I was watching Olivia, glancing out the back glass door (which is nothing but a forest behind the house) when all of a sudden lightning hit a tree about 40' from the house. The tree lit up orange and purple, for about 1 second, it was quick. The thunder was incredible. The flash of light from the lightning was blinding but it was gone so quick you didn't notice the brightness really, if that makes sense. In any case, after that lightning was hitting all around the house, so we went to the basement. Just before I got to the basement, I glanced outside. Our houses are about 150-500' apart, small subdivision. I could not see any houses for the rain and hail, as well as the wind. Looked like a small hurricane. In about 30 minutes, the sun was out and it was beautiful. That tree is stripped of most of the bark, black in places, and I hope it doesn't fall. It was an old, old Water Oak. Lesson learned, don't ever seek shelter under a tree in a thunderstorm!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Praise

Just wanted to let you know a miracle happened at 4:30 this morning here in Bethlehem, GA. Kelly and I were both abruptly awakened by a trememdous roar. The house was shaking, the floor was vibrating and the dishes were clattering. All we know is our parental instincts kicked in, we ran through the house to get Olivia. All of a sudden it was quiet again. A tornado touched down extremely close to the house. That is a sound you can never fully explain and one you will never forget in your entire life. I just want to tell everyone things are fine, no damage, but we have one heck of a memory on this mothers day. We understand now how fast these things are (even though I already knew from living in tornado alley for 24 years). If it would have hit the house things could have been very bad, since it took us about 30 seconds to run from both bedrooms. Absolutely no warning what so ever. Just wanted to say thanks to the man above!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

How Is One To Know

Quite a few times, since my angel of a daughter was born, I have gotten asked "why have you taken so damn many pictures of her?" I wanted to address this once and for all, even though I shouldn't, I will.

First of all I am a professional photographer. So when you have all that equipment, studio and available time to take some pictures, you do. Why not? Its free, and its always great to practice anyway (even though after 13 years I am still taking pictures and loving it). Second, I love photography, and photography of babies and children. Its actually how my photography studio got its start. Third, Olivia is not camera shy like most babies, so she will pose and let me try new things on her, before I try them on a paying client. Such as different poses, lighting, etc. And last but not least, I have, oh, about 5 pictures of myself as child. They were burned in a fire, and some were left in an attic to rot since 1978. So those pictures of me are gone forever. I only wish I had them today, so I could see what I was like, the things I did, etc. I guess I should make one more point, I LOVE MY DAUGHTER. Why not take pictures of her every day. She changes daily, just ask the few who are close enough to her to notice. I am documenting her life as she grows up. To those who criticize me for taking so many pics of her, grow up and get a life. 90% of the people who I talk to, agree with me. Take the damn pictures, you only get one shot at growing up.

This is all about giving Olivia what I never had. One of those, was images growing up of my childhood. Now she has them. Even if I wasn't a photographer, I would have taken over a thousand pictures a year. Maybe more because I would be experimenting with the camera, etc.

When I do hit my 10,000th picture of Olivia, I will smile, and take another 10,000.

On another note, I never could imagine I could love something so much. When she was born, I was forever hers! She is my little girl and I think the world of her. I thought to myself when I was taking pictures of her in the delivery room "how could you love something so much that you just met?" I am glad (and a few other people I might add), that I have those delivery room pictures. They are now, priceless. Documenting her through the NICU, those too are priceless images that we can show to her, and let her see just how bad she wanted to live, and be a part of our lives. She made it through the NICU, and into this world, the least she deserves is a daddy who gives a shit, and takes pictures and loves her so very much. I will give you a little clearer picture, the other say she wanted to go outside. I put my shoes on, took hers off, and walked around the yard with her. Except her feet were on my shoes as I walked, and we walked all over the place. It was beautiful and a memory I will never, ever forget.

One day somebody will thank me. Instead of criticizing me for taking pictures of my daughter. Oh yeah, shes mine not yours. Off to take another 100 pictures...