Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Cat Fancy

Well well well. After going through all this stuff we went through, trying to have babies, etc, we got another welcome addition to the home. Halloween night, after all of the trick or treaters were long gone, Kelly and I heard some noise outside near the garbage can. It sounded like a bean can being drug against the patio concrete (later we found out that it actually was). Well, we went outside, and to our surprise, was this beautiful jet black kitten, about 5 months old. It was somewhere around midnight when we finally got him out of the trash and into our hands. Well, a week or so passed, and we left food out, and every mornig it was gone! So, I bought some cat food and much to our surprise one night, the cat was standing at the back door, wanting in the house. His front feet on the french door, nose against the glass, standing on his hind legs. Well I let him in, Kelly and I held him, petted him, and fed him for hours. I put him in the garage for a night, then the next morning, we have a pet! He does not leave for too long, and we are considering leaving him inside for a week or two, to ger him used to everything. He is very affectionate. We named him Midnight. And after some research I found out that he is a Bombay. Jet black, with those copper eyes!! He was a stray, that came into our lives at the most perfect time. Thank you God!