Thursday, August 10, 2000

First Professional Gig

I did it, I finally turned "pro" as they say, haha! If you don't know I have been a drummer since I was 3 years old, and trying to turn pro since 1996. Well, I played my first show today in front of a real audience, and it felt amazing! We played at Borders Book Store in Longmont, CO. A nice acoustic set. Tim Carmichael and Jason Setzer were on cue, so was I. Melanie Susuras was rockin on vocals. It was a challenge to learn all 15 songs from their catalog in a week, but it was fun too! Well, guess the only way to go from here, is a continuing step up.

Thursday, August 03, 2000

First Working Band

Today, I got the spot with a working band out of Denver, the Melanie Susuras Band. Its a female fronted acoustic/rock/blues band, ala Indigo Girls. This is going to be great. In less than a week we have a gig. The drummer walked out on them with this gig in the schedule. Not cool. But in any case, I need to learn about 12-15 songs in a week, not a problem at all. I cant wait to play the show! Woo hoo, my first paid gig. I have success now with music. Only took forever! Thank you to Melanie Susuras, Tim Carmichael, and Jason Setzer, for the position.

Sunday, January 23, 2000

New Drums

Well my custom Tama Starclassic drumset came today. Boy was that a lot of boxes. UPS guy was wondering what the hell was going on. I inspected everything, and the drums are perfect. It took over 6 months for them to build them, and get them ready for me. Thank you Tama! I think I will nickname the drumset, Y2K since thats what everyone is saying these days. Going to tune it up and see what it sounds like, forget writing about it.....