Tuesday, June 24, 2008


06. 21. 08 
1. These Days 
2. Living Well Is the Best Revenge 
3. So Fast, So Numb 
4. What's the Frequency, Kenneth? 
5. Time After Time 
6. Driver 8 
7. Man-Sized Wreath 
8. Walk Unafraid 
9. Hollow Man 
10. Ignoreland 
11. Houston 
12. Electrolite 
13. (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville 
14. Auctioneer 
15. Harborcoat 
16. The One I Love 
17. I've Been High 
18. Let Me In 
19. Bad Day 
20. Horse To Water 
21. Orange Crush 
22. I'm Gonna DJ 

23. Supernatural Superserious 
24. Losing My Religion 
25. Pretty Persuasion 
26. Nightswimming 
27. Fall On Me (w/ Johnny Marr) 
28. Man On The Moon (w/ Johnny Marr)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Back To Work

Well that was a fun vacation (6/5/08-6/15/08). All I really did was sit around the house, chill out, sleep in and spend quality time during the day with my daughter, and the evenings with my wife. Sometimes its great to just sit around for a week. I had two weddings, and they were two of the hottest (temperature) weddings I have ever done. The first was on the 6th and it was 105 in the shade with 100% humidity. The other one was 96 in the shade with 100% humidity. Welcome to the sauna, oops I mean the south. But those weddings were fun, and I am glad things went well. After that, I relaxed and got caught up with stuff around the house. I am starting to sound like an old man! Today at work, it was a 10 hour day, nothing like jumping right back in with both feet.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Passed Another

For the love of God why did I have to have another 8mm kidney stone this weekend? Getting ready for a wedding Friday in the shower, I felt tremendous pain. Needless to say it made the wedding real fun to photograph (sarcasm). That was Friday, today, Monday, I passed yet another kidney stone as big as the first one. But this one was weird. No pain from the kidney to the end of the journey. Just pain at the end of the journey. Very, very strange. I was pissed to see it was 8mm (big as the other one). It looked the same, so I think it broke off the first one and stayed in my bladder until it felt like causing tremendous pain for a few days. I have now officially changed my diet, changed drinking habits, as well as other things. I cant go through this every few months and expect to live a happy life. If this is chronic, then surgery is imminent. Maybe this was the last one. They told me the best way to prevent them is basically to have a non-american diet. Not gonna happen! LOL!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Woo hoo!! Today is the start of a vacation from work. I am off until the 15th! Nice! Gonna be stressful when I return just because of back to school and setting all those planograms, but thats fine, at least I have some time to chill out a bit before the big back to school sets start! So what am I gonna do? Absolutely nothing. Sit on my ass all day, sleep, chill, and spend time with my daughter. Yep, I am pretty much staying home, and watching her and doing all the above. We could not coordinate vacation times between my wife and I so hers is in a few weeks, and she is doing the same thing. Later in the year we are planning another vacation, and heading to the beach when it cools off (if it ever does, thanks to global warming). In the meantime I am going to chill out, drink, play music, and have a grand ol time at home relaxing and sleeping in everyday!